Tuesday, March 1, 2022

QC Kinetix (Longview)

 There's no need to worry when you choose QC Kinetix (Longview) for hand and wrist pain. We'll assess your pain issues and determine which natural pain treatments offer the best chances of relief. Our regenerative medicine treatment aims to relieve pain and get you back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible. Our Mission at QC Kinetix (Longview) is to provide you with a workout that will burn fat, build muscle, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle and sports medicine in Longview. We are committed to helping you reach your goal most safely and effectively possible. Whether it is an acute injury or chronic condition, we have a treatment plan designed for you. Let us help you get back on your feet.

No matter what type of hand and wrist pain you're experiencing, there's no need to "wait it out." At QC Kinetix (Longview), we offer a variety of arthritis pain treatments that get to the root cause. Most importantly, our team will work closely with you to determine exactly which treatments might work best for your unique situation.

Natural treatment is a great way to reduce mild or moderate pain without the side effects of traditional medication. Through physical therapy, you'll perform exercises and stretches that target the specific muscles and joints causing your pain. This helps strengthen these factors while reducing inflammation, further reducing pain levels.

We'll assess your level of inflammation and determine whether an anti-inflammatory medication might help reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain. These medications are designed to reduce your symptoms without exposing you to the potentially addictive nature of narcotic drugs.

Trigger points are specific areas within your muscle tissue responsible for causing pain in other parts of your body. Our team can identify these trigger points and inject them with an anesthetic medication that reduces their ability to cause pain elsewhere in your body.

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QC Kinetix (Longview)

Address: Medical Plaza II, 703 E. Marshall Ave, Suite 3007, Longview, TX 75601, USA

Phone: (430) 213-9497

Email: contactqc@qckinetix.com

Website: https://qckinetix.com/northeast-texas/longview/

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QC Kinetix (Longview)

  There's no need to worry when you choose QC Kinetix (Longview) for hand and wrist pain. We'll assess your pain issues and determin...